I like to think of myself in 3 types of ways. I do this so that you understand what I’m like without too much to think about. I, like most humans am a complicated being. I have many sides to my personality and I generally am decent I think. I try to be at least.

Here are my generalised personality types:

The Wonder Woman.

Yes, I do think that I’m a crime fighting warrior Goddess. No, the Wonder Woman obsession I have stems from my high school comic craze and love for Heroes. I loved Wonder Woman the moment I saw her. She is a strong, confident, warrior Goddess. What’s not to love? To me, she represents a badass bitch who won’t let anything or anyone get in her way. She protects, she loves, she fights and she’s kind. She’s who I am when I need to get shit done.

The Witch.

I just sensed all the Harry Potter fans crank their necks up to see who just said that. Yes Witch. No not the green skinned pointy nosed hag on a broomstick on Halloween. The magical JK Rowling (Queen) kind of Witch. The magical kind. The Ravenclaw. The believer in community and kindness. The one who is a loyal friend, an adventure seeker, an animal lover and who is not scared to get to the point if needed. This side of me is ever present and comes out more when around the ones I love.

The Wednesday Adams.

My favourite. I love her because I can be myself around her. Not that the others aren’t me. I can be my not so happy self around her. The version of myself that used to make me feel bad when I thought evil things. She lets me think them and she encourages it. It’s okay to plan the various ways you could possibly murder the kid in the cinema who won’t shut up. She’s also the one who makes me hiss at them to shut up or get out. (Literally happened to me a few days ago. I eventually yelled at them to get out and they did. To be honest, I’m not proud. To be more honest… I am).

These are the sides of me you’re more likely to meet. On these digital pages though, time will tell.

 S 5.jpg

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