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22 | July Favourites

Whoops! This one is a bit late.


This gorgeous lipstick is because my hella fly friend Mpho Sebina turned up one night slaying in this colour and I just had to have it. It’s a stunning metallic berry glam colour called ‘MADE IN ITALY’ and it’s totally appropriate to wear it on a Monday morning to a meeting.



Speaking of appropriate, I bought this casual Sunday shade from MAC called ‘CAVIAR’ and boy does it deliver. My 16 year old emo wannabe self would be so proud!


M A C   I L L U M I N A T O R

So MAC decided that I was loyal enough to gift me and my friend Sam with the Extra Dimension Skinflinish Powder Luminere in the shade DOUBLE GLEAM. I’m not even mad, that’s amazing! (Story on this coming soon.)


T Y P O   B O O K S

I bought this fantastic book and got one FREE because thank you TYPO. I love the design and I’ll be using this for my Wedding planning 🙂 YAY! Also, ‘a comprehensive list of sh*t to do’? I love that.

books gold.jpg

IMG_0115 (1).jpg




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