18 | Meet Boots

My Blog is a year old! 

Even though I barely wrote last year, I’m glad I got back into writing this year. Sometimes life gets in the way and you get so busy that you forget. But I am so glad that I looked back and decided to keep writing.

I was supposed to write this particular post when I first started the blog. So I figure this first anniversary will do.

Meet Boots

Imagine Sitting at a café sipping wine when your friend arrives, falls onto the chair and exasperates ‘God it’s hot! I need some wine stat!’ You smile and lift an eyebrow because this person happens to be wearing a lot of dark clothes. And boots. Really? Boots. In the African heat?

This has been me for quite a number of years now. The idea of Boots in Summer relates directly to my ‘edgy style’ but also to what I think defines my core beliefs. Yes it is hot, yes I will be uncomfortable, and also yes I will wear my boots with this outfit because I want to.

I suppose it means that if I want something, I’ll do what I have to in order to get it. I will wear boots in summer and feel great about it even if my aura is on fire from heat exhaustion. Because that’s just how I am. Suffer in order to achieve? Maybe I’m being harsh.

Stylistically I think boots are simply awesome. They make you look tough, edgy and cool. Even Wonder Woman wears boots! As I walk through the catwalk corridor at work, my boots announcing my arrival, I feel tall, strong and I feel damn good.

Thankfully the air-cons are on full blast throughout the African summer.

– Dee

BL 6.jpg




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