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16 | May Must Haves


Here are my 5 May Must haves! 

Y E L L OW   S U N G L A S S E S


Why? Because they are so freaking cool! My dad had a pair of yellow aviators when I was growing up and I thought they were the coolest thing ever. Unfortunately, he gave them away or lost them or something. WHICH SUCKS! However, I found this gem and immediately made them mine.

Pro: I feel very cool when I drive with them on.

B E N E F I T   B R O W S


YES BROWS! So important in this day and age. You are nothing without your eyebrows.I shape my eyebrows but they are light coloured so I like to fill them in a bit and buff them up so they look thicker than they are.  I love the application and the double trouble brush and pencil. It is awesome and worth the price. Plus, the packaging!!! *enter emoji with heart eyes*

T O O   F A C E D


Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick in Naughty by Nature. This is a stunning matte brown lipstick that is a dream to put on and is long wearing throughout my day no matter what I eat and how unladylike I may eat it.



Mac Topped with Brandy.

I searched for this shade for months. Since I saw them mid-January, they were sold out every time I casually stalked MAC stores.  Both Botswana and South Africa, can you imagine? However, I finally found it! It was mine and thanks to EDGARS, I got them with a 10% discount! Some call it luck. I call it fate.



Best for last? My favourite, favourite. Chery Bomb the 1st. A VW Polo TSI that I got for myself. I won’t say more but here is a picture. And I also have this awesome Harry Potter keychain. *drops mic*



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