14 |DIY Wonder Woman Headband


I got a lot of questions about how I managed to make the headband that I wore to watch the Wonder Woman movie. Yes, I dressed up. And I felt like a warrior.

When people found out that I MADE the headband, immediately, everyone asked me how I did it, so here we go!

You will need:

  • Paper (350GSM paper or any thick paper you can find at the stationary store)
  • Pencil and/or black marker/felt tip pen
  • Scissors
  • Gold and silver Markers
  • Reference picture (I will provide)


  1. Start with a rough sketch of the head band; it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect. I drew mine freehand so yours will look better. (Also, the stencil below is better than I one I free handed.


2. After you’ve cut out the design, start to colour it in using the gold marker.

3. You can create some depth and roughness with a pencil or black marker but be careful not to over do it!

4. To highlight, bring out the silver and get all up in it! Wherever you like, simple thin lines will do.

5. Go over the darker lines one last time with the pencil/marker to really bring out the depth in the design.

And that’s it! You’re done!


IMG_52f74.jpgunnamed (1).jpg




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